Reception Of Rina & Izam

DIN_4604 copyaa

DIN_4615 copy

DIN_4623 copy

DIN_4506 copy

DSC_4017 copya

L13_8144 copya


L13_8181 copy

L13_8228 copy

L13_8253 copy

L13_8284 copy

L13_8268 copya

by Dean Ismail / Laskar13 / Eizat Ismail / Aloy @ Tangga Batu Melaka, 14 June 09

Dean Ismail
danialhaikal Photography
A Member of The Photographers Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6019 3801839 / +6013 2067036

Email :


1 Response to “Reception Of Rina & Izam”

  1. 1 ahmad izzat latip August 11, 2009 at 15:57 p08

    aku suka bunga warna warni jatuh tuh smart

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